Uniform Policy

Clothing representing gangs, profanity, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, violence, or other controversial/anti-social/provocative material (in any style, words, pictures) is NOT ALLOWED, which includes not wearing excessive or sold red.

Item Style Solid Colored Uniform Compliance
Shirts (must be tucked in) Polo, Collared: Turtleneck: Button-up White; Gray; Burgundy; Sky/Navy Blue Long-sleeved; Short-sleeved
Bottoms Pants; Capri's; Shorts; Skirts; Skorts; Jumpers; Dresses Tan/Khaki; Gray; Navy Blue Uniform/cargo bottoms; shorts/skirts must be between mid-thigh and knee; must be hemmed; must be worn at the waist; no sagging
Sweaters or Sweatshirts Cardigan; V-Neck; Crew Neck; Hooded; Zippered White; Gray; Burgundy; Sky/Navy Blue; Black May be worn in class if they meet uniform requirements
Shoes Tennis shoes; Athletic shoes; Loafers; Boots; Appropriate for PE and recess Any color EXCEPT solid red, including no red shoelaces

No open-toed shoes

No heels over 1/2 inch

Must have heel strap

No Crocs

Socks   Any color or pattern EXCEPT excessive red  
Belts Proper length Any color EXCEPT excessive red  
Tights or Leggings Properly fitting (not worn as pants) White; Gray; Tan; Navy Blue Worn under uniform bottoms
Coat or Jacket Any style Any color EXCEPT solid red Only worn outside (unless uniform solid color)
Backpacks Any style Any color EXCEPT solid red  
College Wear Wednesday College shirt or sweatshirt Must still wear uniform bottoms Shirt/sweatshirt must have an actual college on it
Spirit Wear Friday Clairmont shirt or sweatshirt Jeans are to be solid colored blue or black Shirt/sweatshirt must be from Clairmont